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The Xenios USA® Any Wod Bag is the ultimate tool to really carry all the stuff you need for any kind of workout you may face at the Box. It is a an heavy duty Cordura® Nylon Gym Bag and it features only high-grade nylon straps and buckles. Thanks to its 45 liters of volume it can really contain all your needs.
The Xenios USA® Any Wod Bag can be hand-carries, shoulder-carried and even backpack-like carried. The main opening is soft stuffed in order to work either as a comfortable leaning surface while carried as a backpack and as a crash-safe laptop pocket.

Shouldn’t you need to carry it as a backpack, the shoulder harness could be removed from the bag. On its bottom side, there are 4 rubber stands in order to keep the bag up from wet flooring (and, believe it or not, it can really happen in to the gym’s restrooms). It also features two reflective patches so to become a safe tool while backpack-like carried in the dark.
The Xenios USA® Any Wod Bag features two side pockets, designed to host two pairs of shoes: you could always bring with you your WOD and Weight Lifting shoes, without having to leave them in to your box locker.

There are several pockets to hold any workout tool: a blender, a sport bottle, your jump rope, one or more tape rolls and anything you may need with, of course, your personal belongings. Among the extra features: there is a special pocket for your phone and a special pass-thru hole to use your earphones while carrying the bag as a backpack. What else? The Any Wod Bag comes with two side-straps to hold a Mobility Roll. The Xenios USA® Any Wod Bag can be also customized with your own Velcro patches.

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Black, Black/Army Green, Black/Purple

2 avaliações de Any Wod Bag

  1. Duarte Carvalho

    Este é o melhor saco que alguma vez já tive. Dá para levar tudo que preciso e melhor de tudo serve também como saco de viagem

  2. Miguel Moreira

    Para quem anda de mota e tem que levar muito material é de facto a melhor opção que se pode tomar. Extremamente resistente e de alta qualidade. Recomendo

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