Pull Up Power Resistence Loop


• Extra Light (1) – Max Resist. 16 Kg
• Light (2) – Max Resist. 23 Kg
• Medium (3) – Max Resist. 36 Kg
• Heavy (4) – Max Resist. 54 Kg
• Extra Heavy (5) – Max Resist. 75 Kg

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The Pull-ups resistance loop is so helpful

Pull-Up Power Resistance Loop offers fantastic versatility for your workout needs. There are five different versions of our bands offering varying levels of resistance to suit everyone – no matter what your level of fitness.

Pull-Up Power Resistance bands / Loops are great for assisting pull ups – Helping to build reps. They can be used for assisted dips, speed and agility training, jumping, core development, pylo-metric training, aerobics, for mobility and stretching exercises, and to help with physiotherapy treatment. The pull up bands progression series relies on standard fitness resistance bands (sometimes called pull up bands) to offset some of your bodyweight and make pull ups easier. By doing reps with the bands, you improve your strength and open the door to eventually doing pull ups without any assistance.

The thicker your pull up band, the more weight it takes off of you, and the easier the assisted pull ups become. The lower your fitness level and higher overall body weight, the thicker your band will have to be to compensate. So how thick of a resistance band do you need when you’re starting off? It depends on how strong you are currently in your lats and biceps (which is hard to quantify if you can’t yet do a single pull up), and what your current bodyweight is.

They are very versatile and light weight – they can be taken away in a bag with ease for use when traveling, or back and forth to the gym. They are great in helping to assist in mobility stretching and post-injury recovery exercises

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Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy


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